D6.7 CREDENTIAL Technology Overview and Recommendations for Applications

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Executive Summary 

The role of the pilots within the CREDENTIAL project was initially the one to contribute to the design and implementation of a series of CREDENTIAL components that were actually usable in the respective fields of application of pilots themselves (eHealth, eBusiness, eGovernment). In this way the design of CREDENTIAL technological services has been guided by real requirements dictated by the respective fields of application. Subsequently, the pilots have become the 'first customers' of the services provided by CREDENTIAL and have experienced the real integration and use of such services.

The main aim of this document is describing the ways in which the domain-specific pilots have integrated the different components produced within the CREDENTIAL project, both services as well as libraries, in the services used for the implementation and execution of the selected use cases, describing what are the strengths and weaknesses of the CREDENTIAL technologies, as detected in the above integration activities, describing what are the desirable developments to make the provided CREDENTIAL services more effective and which lessons learned can simplify the adoption of CREDENTIAL technologies from the service providers perspective.