Project Deliverables

The following contains a list of all past and upcoming deliverables of the CREDENTIAL project. Deliverables marked in italics are confidential and will not be made available online. For all other deliverables, a summary as well as the full version will be made available here. If you have particular further interest in one of our deliverables, please contact us!

WP1 - Project Management

D1.1 Project Handbook
D1.2 Quality Assurance Plan
D1.3 Project Home Page and Collaboration Platform
D1.4 Year 1 Management and Progress Report
D1.5 Year 2 Management and Progress Report

WP2 - Requirements and Use Case Analysis

D2.1 Scenarios and Use-Cases
D2.2 System Security Requirements, Risk and Threat Analysis - 1st Iteration
D2.3 Cloud Identity Wallet Requirements
D2.4 Vulnerability Catalogue
D2.5 System Security Requirements, Risk and Threat Analysis - 2nd Iteration
D2.6 User Centric Privacy and Usability Requirements

WP3 - Usability, User Adoption, and Privacy Aspects

D3.1 UI Prototypes v1
D3.2 UI Prototypes v2 and HCI Patterns
D3.3 Recommendations on Privacy-Enhancing Mechanisms
D3.4 Privacy Assessment Report

WP4 - Secure Technologies Improvement and Adaption

D4.1 Assessment Report on Cryptographic Technologies, Protocols, and Mechanisms
• D4.2 Security Enhancements for Basic Cryptographic Technologies
D4.3 Recommendations for Improving Identity Protocols
D4.4 Guidelines for Secure Authentication to the Cloud

WP5 - Architecture Specifications and Implementation

D5.1 Functional Design
D5.2 Security Protocols Early Prototype Library
D5.3 IAM Early Prototype Library
D5.4 Security Protocols Reference Component Library
D5.5 IAM Reference Component Library
D5.6 Reference Environment
D5.7 Test and Evaluation Report

WP6 - Experimental Evaluation and Validation of Use Cases

D6.1 Pilot Use Case Specification
D6.2 Identity Wallet Service
D6.3 Recommendations for Operating the CREDENTIAL Wallet
D6.4 Test and Evaluation Report of Pilot Domain 1 (eGovernment)
D6.5 Test and Evaluation Report of Pilot Domain 2 (eHealth)
D6.6 Test and Evaluation Report of Pilot Domain 3 (eBusiness)
D6.7 CREDENTIAL Technology Overview and Recommendations for Applications
D6.8 Authorisations/Notifications

WP7 - Exploitation and Commercialization

D7.1 Public Project Web Presence
D7.2 Business Plan
D7.3 Exploitation Plan and Report
D7.5 Gap Analysis for Current Identity Management Standards
D7.6 Proxy Cryptography Potential for Current Identity Management Solutions
D7.7 Protocols and Software Integration Guidelines
D7.8 Communication and Dissemination Activity Report 1
D7.9 Communication and Dissemination Activity Report 2
D7.10 Standardization Activity Report
D7.11 Communication and Dissemination Activity Report 3
D7.12 Final Report on Standardization Activities and Achievements
D7.13 Communication and Dissemination Kit

WP8 - Ethics Requirements

D8.1 POPD - Requirement No. 4
D8.2 POPD - Requirement No. 8
D8.3 H - Requirement No. 3