D7.2 Business Plan

Contributing Partners


Executive Summary 

The objective of this deliverable D7.2 – “Initial and Final Business Plan” is to define the overall strategy to ensure the gear transfer to the security market the project outcomes. This Business Plan is closely linked to the exploitation plan and concrete measures produced in T7.3. Initially, the Business Plan will have as starting point an analysis of the market (its size, evolution, stability, channels to reach it…) and the determining factors that affect the introduction of innovative product and services identified as project outcomes, including the analysis of competing solutions in the different segments of the market, considering state-of-the-art of all the technologies and devices involved. The consortium will analyse the market in order to have a clear representation of its structure (segments), its key players (i.e. current and future competitors, potential partners, consumer groups…) and their needs.

The initial version was presented in M18 project review and included an initial assessment of the positioning of innovations within market segments according to initially proposed business models, i.e. identifying what is the demand for secure, user-friendly, interoperable, portable access control solutions, across different economic sectors and application domains, in specific identifiable “opportunity niches” or specific industries and in specific contexts i.e. where high security is desirable to protect IT assets, knowledge, sensitive data.

As part of the consortium activities, the market will be continuously monitored in order to detect new trends and possibilities, which will allow the consortium to react to the market changes and adapt the platform and the implementation of the selected technologies and business models. This will allow answering questions like: why would stakeholders choose our offering? What is our ‘product’ composed of? Why do people choose competitor’s products or services? How do we maximize differentiation & competitive edge / added value? What do customers expect from this type of product or service? What core competencies must the product or service have? What are customers willing to pay for this type of product or service?

Whom do we charge and how? In scope is the application of cross-cutting legal, ethical and societal issues principles and guidelines to optimize the positioning of CREDENTIAL results within identified target markets.

A feasibility study will be produced as part of the final business plan by M36 incorporating the outcomes of both iterations as well of pilot’s evaluation. This final version will include the final positioning of results of the project within the target markets/groups identified,according to more elaborate business models. These models will include an  analysis of the  capital structure and the operational expenditure costs and revenue sources/pricing models and proposing commercial collaboration agreements between consortium partners. This will  explain why the results are relevant for each of the target segment chosen justifying the sustainability and economic viability of the solutions in the market and how to effectively interface with consumer groups.