TRUSTEE (daTa pRivacy and cloUd SecuriTy clustEr Europe) is a network of 11 research projects funded by the European Union that was established within the Common Dissemination Booster initiative. The cluster is coordinated by CREDENTIAL, and furthermore subsumes the following projects: MUSA, PRISMACLOUD, SecureCloud, SERECA, SPECS, SUNFISH, SWITCH, TREDISEC, UNICORN, and WITDOM, which are all performing cutting-edge research and innovation in different domains of cloud security and privacy, ranging from secure and privacy-friendly authentication over encrypted and distributed solutions for data sharing and cloud storage to data integrity, authenticity, and availability.

The ambition of TRUSTEE is to consolidate the distributed and fragmented nature of currently ongoing European research initiatives and to serve as a central contact point which for software vendors, customers, research colleagues, and decision makers that are interested in leading-edge technologies and solutions.

Besides ready-to-use platforms, e.g., for data sharing, secure authentication, or SLA management, the projects have also developed a wide range of tools and components that can be integrated and re-used in other cloud applications. Below you can find a full service catalogue of projects involved in TRUSTEE.

 Ready Platforms
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 Primitives and Components
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