D5.7 Test and Evaluation Report

Contributing Partners


Executive Summary 

Software testing is an integral part of the software development lifecycle. For systems handling potentially sensitive information, not only the functionality but also the security and privacy of the system need to be properly tested and validated.

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CREDENTIAL StarAudit Catalogue released

CREDENTIAL StarAudit Catalogue releasedA key ambition of the CREDENTIAL project was to not only focus on the concrete applications we planned to develop, but to generate positive impact on cloud security and privacy also beyond our pilot domains.

One way to achieve this goal was to seek liaisons and collaborations with relevant standardization and certification bodies.

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Pilot videos

After almost three years of design and development, we are happy to present the following videos giving some impressions about our pilots.


This pilot focuses on secure authentication towards a public authority.


Besides secure authentication, this pilot also showcases secure forwarding of encrypted emails using the cryptographic libraries developed within CREDENTIAL.

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Cyberwatching.eu Concertation Meeting

The Cyberwatching.eu concertation meeting on April 26th in Brussels had the goal to take stock of the current R&I landscape and to identify common themes and challenges for clustering activities. With a strong EC presence, it was a great opportunity to discuss with other projects, get noticed and provide input for the future research landscape within cybersecurity.

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Pushing the Boundaries for Secure & Privacy Friendly Cloud Services

Place: Infosecurity Europe 2018 - Olympia London
Date: 07 Jun 2018, 12:55 - 13:20
Platform: Cyber Innovation Showcase

Thomas Lorünser (AIT) will give a talk at Infosecurity Europe 2018 under the "Cyber Innovation Showcase"platform. He will present recent results and prototypes of the two EU funded projects PRISMACLOUD & CREDENTIAL developing novel secure and privacy friendly cloud services and identity management solutions.

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TRUSTEE – daTa pRivacy and cloUd SecuriTy clustEr Europe

TRUSTEE (daTa pRivacy and cloUd SecuriTy clustEr Europe) is a network of 11 research projects funded by the European Union that was established within the Common Dissemination Booster initiative. The cluster is coordinated by CREDENTIAL, and furthermore subsumes the following projects: MUSA, PRISMACLOUD, SecureCloud, SERECA, SPECS, SUNFISH, SWITCH, TREDISEC, UNICORN, and WITDOM, which are all performing cutting-edge research and innovation in different domains of cloud security and privacy, ranging from secure and privacy-friendly authentication over encrypted and distributed solutions for data sharing and cloud storage to data integrity, authenticity, and availability.

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