D7.3 Exploitation Plan and Report

Contributing Partners


Executive Summary

The objective of this deliverable D7.3 – “Exploitation Plan and report” is to approach to the project exploitation by presenting the exploitation strategy that will be enforced during the project lifetime (from September 2015 to September 2018). An initial exploitation plan will be generated as draft version after the first year, to be refined in subsequent internal iterations, until the final version delivered to the Commission at the end of the project M36.

Exploitation in the scope of CREDENTIAL refers to the use of project results. Therefore, the project acknowledges two lines of action: one line towards the commercial use of results, and another one towards both the use of knowledge gained within the project and use of research results that cannot be commercially exploited, but that they can provide instead additional benefits such as development of competences or strengthen existing capabilities.

Nevertheless, the commercial focus of this document cannot be undermined. To this respect, CREDENTIAL exploitation strategy proposes several work lines that contribute to pave the way to the project results adoption in a later stage of the project. These strategies focus on following a sales lifecycle with strong emphasis on prospecting potential customers (both external to the project and within the CREDENTIAL partners’ business units), contacting them, and promoting the key features of CREDENTIAL, which can be summarized as follows:

To develop, test and showcase innovative cloud-based services for storing, managing, and sharing digital identity information and other critical personal data [1].

Exploitation has paid attention to user requirements (WP2), the technological goals and developments (WP3-6), and business cases (to take-up of results by the wider ICT industrial community) of interest to CREDENTIAL partners.

The exploitation has received feedback from the industrial dissemination; and will inform the validation phase about which aspects to focus on the most.

A phased global approach will be followed for specifying the concrete exploitation measures and the corresponding responsibilities to implement them by different partners. This approach is reflected in the draft version of the commercial agreement generated during this project phase, in which all different roles are described, and a detailed description of the responsibilities is described to transfer effectively the results to the market and to ensure the economic sustainability of the solutions. IPR and know-how protection issues have also been considered during the project and as part of the exploitation plan, to ensure that partner interests are protected during deployment.