TRUSTEE Primitives and Components

Data Authentication

Message and document authentication through digital signatures

Authenticated data processing verification tool for correctness

Authentication and certification tool for proving topologies

Malleable Signature Library and part of FLEXAUTH

Group Signature Library which is part of FLEXAUTH

Privacy-preserving ID management service based on FLEXAUTH

Authorization enforcement service for microservice security compliance, and intrusion detection and notification system

Integrity and Consistency Verification
This component protects the integrity and consistency of data outsourced to an untrusted remote storage.

Secure Storage

Secure federated cloud storage

Data Transformation and Storage
With every requrest to the WITDOM platform for processing new data, the data is first transformed into the common WITDOM format and then stored for further processing.

Data Encryption

Versatile sensitive data encryption processing

Encrypted Mail Forwarding
Advanced encryption of forwarded emails

End-to-end encryption
Locally encrypts data in the trusted domain before storing them in the untrusted domain for the secure backup purposes

Data masking and desensitization
Masking of sensitive data classified as direct identifiers guaranteeing irreversibility and unlinkability.

Secure Computation
Data protection functionalities by means of homomorphic encryption (HE) and secure multiparty computation (MPC), thus enabling privacy preserving computation in the untrusted domain.

Secure Signal Processing
Performs secure signal processing operations on protected data and signals (encrypted, obfuscated, split or a combination thereof) in an untrusted environment.

Allows to anonymize data stored in a relational database.

Key Manager
Provides management of secrets (for example, private and public encryption keys or credentials to access the storage) that are required for operations run by protection components.

Secure Containers

Secure execution of containers and programs using Intel SGX

SecureCloud Secure Containers
Lightweight secure containers for applications requiring very high security

Application Development

Interactive environment for developing applications and controlling execution

Real-time infrastructure planner for cloud app deployment

Autonomous system adaptation platform for monitoring and adapting system behaviour

UNICORN Framework Components and Mechanism Prototypes
Simplifies the design, deployment and management of secure and elastic by design, multi-cloud services

Time Critical Management

SecureCloud Secure Stream
Secure bus for message exchange

SecureCloud Monitoring
Smart Grid monitoring application with SGX support

UNICORN CI Monitoring
Secure critical infrastructure monitoring application

Cryptographic Primitives

TREDISEC Security Primitives
Software components for functional-security requirements

CREDENTIAL Cryptographic Components
High-quality implementations privacy-preserving cryptographic technologies such as redactable signatures and proxy re-encryption

Identity Privacy

Protection Orchestrator
Coordination of several protection components and services in order to effectively protect data before they leave a trusted environment for processing or storing reasons.