TRUSTEE Platforms – Cloud Security Management

Cloud Security Management

TREDISEC Framework
Piece of software that facilitates the Cloud Security technology providers to manage the entire lifecycle of the TREDISEC Primitives and Recipes.
The framework also supports consumers of such technologies in locating and identifying them in a simple and effective manner, as well as in testing and deploying those in a specific cloud-based environment, in order to fulfil consumers’ own requirements.


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PRISMACLOUD Tools: A cryptographic toolbox for increasing security in cloud services. reusable toolbox encapsulating cryptographic functionality from which dependably secure cloud services can be assembled. In order to provide a tangible abstraction of the complexity involved with the construction
of cryptographically secured cloud services, we introduce the fourlayer PRISMACLOUD architecture. Top down, it consists of a use cases (application) layer, a services layer, a tools layer, and a
cryptographic primitives and protocols layer. In this paper we provide a detailed description of the PRISMACLOUD tools in terms of functional components, as well as how they interact to provide the desired security functionality.


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 MUSA Framework
The MUSA framework is the main result of the MUSA project and integrates a number of solutions to seamlessly tackle security in the life-cycle of (multi-) cloud applications. Contact:


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 UNICORN Integrated Platform
 A H2020 research and innovation project which facilitate the design and deployment of cloud applications and services and improve developers’ productivity by reducing cloud application design time via code annotations and blueprints for security. Contact:[at]

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