TRUSTEE Platforms – Secure Data Sharing

Secure Data Sharing

SUNFISH Platform
Through the platform, it is possible for existing solutions to be re-used by integrating them into the federation, resulting in better resource utilisation of Public Sector cloud infrastructures as well as faster and cheaper deployment of interoperable and scalable public services.

The SUNFISH platform therefore focuses on enabling the sharing of data between potentially untrusted entities while protecting the sensitive data of each entity. This is achieved through several components for controlled data sharing between services provided by different private clouds, to be invoked when the mechanism they provide is the most efficient.



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CREDENTIAL Wallet Platform
All server-side and client-side components and apps needed for secure and privacy-friendly data sharing and identity management in the cloud. It is an open and flexible cloud identity wallet architecture to easily connect to other identity management systems Contact:


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Archistar Storage Framework and Services (Archistar) is a new type of privacy preserving identity management service (IDMaaS) which is a service that is based on the PRISMACLOUD FLEXAUT cryptographic tool. Contact:


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