Liaison: SECCRIT

seccrit300x100qtAThe SECCRIT (SEcure Cloud computing for CRitical infrastructure IT) project is a multidisciplinary research project with the mission to analyse and evaluate cloud computing technologies with respect to security risks in sensitive environments, and to develop methodologies, technologies, and best practices for creating a secure, trustworthy, and high assurance cloud computing environment for critical infrastructure IT.

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Logo_PrismaCloud_4C_without_textPRISMACLOUD is a EU funded research project developing the next generation of cloud security technologies. The project brings novel cryptographic concepts and methods to practical application to improve the security and privacy of cloud based services and make them usable for providers and users.

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tredisec300x100qtATREDISEC is a European collaborative Research and Innovation Action that leverages existing or novel cryptographic protocols and system security mechanisms, which offer strong data confidentiality, integrity and availability guarantees while permitting efficient storage and data processing across multiple tenants.

From a practical standpoint, the ambition of this project is to develop systems and techniques that make the cloud a secure and efficient place to store data.

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Liaison: WITDOM

WITDOM (empoWering prIvacy and securiTy in non-trusteD envirOnMents) is an EU Horizon 2020 funded research project with a duration of 36 months, which started in January 2015.

WITDOM focuses on developing innovative solutions for truly efficient and practical privacy enhancing techniques and efficient signal and data processing in the encrypted domain for the increasingly demanded outsourced environments.

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CREDENTIAL joins the DPSP Cluster

CR DPSP CloudThe European Commission is currently funding a significant number of transnational projects in the area of data protection, privacy, and security in the cloud. The Data Protection, Security and Privacy (DPSP) Cluster aims at finding synergies between the various projects, in order to:

 • maximise the impact of EU-funded research in the area of cloud security,
ensure the market orientation and adoption of project results, and
help defining the research and innovation needs for upcoming H2020 calls.

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The Austrian eID ecosystem in the public cloud: How to obtain privacy while preserving practicality


Bernd Zwattendorfer (IAIK, Graz University of Technology) and Daniel Slamanig (IAIK, Graz University of Technology)


The Austrian eID system constitutes a main pillar within the Austrian e-Government strategy. The eID system ensures unique identification and secure authentication for citizens protecting access to applications where sensitive and personal data are involved.

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