Standardization Activities

As announced in our March newsletter, CREDENTIAL requested a Category C liaison to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 in „IT Security Techniques“ during the SC 27 WG and plenary meeting in Hamilton, New Zealand, in April 2017. Specifically, liaisons to WG 2 on „Cryptography and Security Mechanisms“ and WG 5 on „Identity Management and Privacy Technologies“ were requested. Furthermore, CREDENTIAL, together with our liaison project PRISMACLOUD and the Austrian Standards Institute, initiated a study period to investigate the need for, and interest in, a potential standard on redactable signatures.

In September our liaison request was formally accepted by ISO, and CREDENTIAL can now provide direct inputs to ongoing standardization activities. The figure shows how CREDENTIAL maps into the landscape of FP7 and H2020 research projects with active liaisons to SC 27.

In addition, the initiated study period received strong support. Consequently, at the SC 27 meeting in Berlin, Germany, in November, CREDENTIAL together with PRISMACLOUD and the Austrian Standards Institute suggested to move forward, and we jointly prepared  a New Work Item Proposal for a standard on „Redaction of Authentic Data“, which was submitted to WG 2 and is now undergoing an SC 27 letter ballot. We are confident about the outcome of this ballot, and hope to be instructed to prepare a first draft for one of the next SC 27 meetings in spring or fall 2018.

Besides this, CREDENTIAL is planning to provide first inputs to further WG 2 and WG 5 projects in time for the upcoming meeting in Wuhan, China.