CREDENTIAL: A Framework for Privacy-Preserving Cloud-Based Data Sharing


Felix Hörandner (Graz University of Technology), Stephan Krenn (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH), Andrea Migliavacca (Lombardia Informatica S.p.A.), Florian Thiemer (Fraunhofer FOKUS), and Bernd Zwattendorfer (Stiftung Secure Information and Communication Technologies)


Data sharing – and in particular sharing of identity information – plays a vital role in many online systems. While in closed and trusted systems security and privacy can be managed more easily, secure and privacy-preserving data sharing as well as identity management becomes difficult when the data are moved to publicly available and semi-trusted systems such as public clouds. CREDENTIAL is therefore aiming on the development of a secure and privacy-preserving data sharing and identity management platform which gives stronger security guarantees than existing solutions on the market. The results will be showcased close to market-readiness through pilots from the domains of eHealth, eBusiness, and eGovernment, where security and privacy are crucial. From a technical perspective, the privacy and authenticity guarantees are obtained from sophisticated cryptographic primitives such as proxy re-encryption and redactable signatures.


Workshop on Security, Privacy, and Identity Management in the Cloud.

Publication Reference

Felix Hörandner, Stephan Krenn, Andrea Migliavacca, Florian Thiemer, and Bernd Zwattendorfer. "CREDENTIAL: A Framework for Privacy-Preserving Cloud-Based Data Sharing", SECPID@ARES 2016, Salzburg/Austria, pp. 742-749, IEEE.



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