D2.3 Cloud Identity Wallet Requirements

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Executive Summary 

The CREDENTIAL Wallet hosts a set of security and applications services to enable user- friendly authentication and privacy-aware identity-data sharing within web services and with other users. It is doing so by using novel cryptographic algorithms like proxy re-encryption1 and malleable signatures2. To demonstrate the CREDENTIAL Wallet and showcase its capabilities, three different pilot were defined in the domains eGovernment, eHealth and eBusiness.
As a prerequisite before the pilots can be implemented and executed, a well-defined set of requirements has to be established to support the forthcoming development processes. The foundation for this work has already be done in previous deliverables D2.1 “Use Cases” and D6.1 “Pilot use case specification” by defining multiple use cases for the CREDENTIAL Wallet and its pilot domains. Requirements are elaborated from these artifacts and defined in this document. The requirements are divided into the functional, legal, organizational and technical requirements of the CREDENTIAL Wallet.
This document introduces a framework for a unified way to represent each requirement. A requirement is characterized by multiple attributes, which helps to identify them in the forthcoming development process, relate them to previously defined artifacts and categorize them into different clusters.
These requirements will drive and support the forthcoming work regarding UI development, architecture design, software development and pilot execution for the CREDENTIAL project.

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