D5.6 Reference Environment

Contributing Partners


Executive Summary

This report gives an overview of the process to develop and integrate the various components to finally compose a reference environment of the CREDENTIAL ecosystem.
First, the development environment provides the infrastructure used to enable an efficient development process. This infrastructure allows us to share and manage versions of the source code, compiled artefacts and complete virtual machines. Also, the development environment offers a continuous integration pipeline for testing, as well as a centralized bug tracking system.
In the development process, components on all layers are implemented, integrated with each other, and composed to build higher-level components. The correct behavior of these individual components and combined systems is ensured by performing suitable unit and integration tests through different configurations of the testing pipeline.
Finally, the reference system (or reference environment) is an outcome of the development process. This reference system includes the composition of services as the CREDENTIAL Wallet as well as the accompanying CREDENTIAL Manager App. Furthermore, it also provides two relying parties to highlight the interaction and functionality of the CREDENTIAL system. An aim of this reference environment is to simplify the deployment and use of the CREDENTIAL system.