D6.3 – Recommendations for Operating the CREDENTIAL Wallet

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Executive Summary

On a high level, the central goal of the CREDENTIAL project is to develop a privacy-preserving data sharing platform (wallet) with an integrated identity provider (IdP), which can be used to share authenticated data without the wallet learning any of the user’s personal information. The functionality and added value of these services are being showcased by concrete pilots from the domains of eGovernment, e-Health, and e-Business.
As implementation, deployment and the pilots advance, there is more and more experience gained in these aspects, as well as in monitoring and troubleshooting. This experience is to be put down in this document, in order to facilitate the adoption of the CREDENTIAL wallet platform and ease the strain on anyone operating it.
This document, therefore, initially reviews the CREDENTIAL wallet platform, its requirements, prerequisites, deployment, and functionality, taking into consideration scalability aspects, briefly analyzing them and presenting use cases for smaller and larger deployments.
A more detailed description follows on the procedures of Operating, Monitoring, Testing and Troubleshooting each service constituting the CREDENTIAL wallet and the platform as a whole. Moreover, the lessons learnt from each pilot are presented next, providing valuable insight into what may come up in similar cases, possible bottlenecks and shortcomings that had to be fixed, but the results of the pilots are more thoroughly presented in D6.4, D6.5, D6.6, closing with the conclusions of the gained experience from the hosting and operation of the CREDENTIAL wallet platform throughout the lifecycle of the project.