D1.3 Project Home Page and Collaboration Platform

Contributing Partners


Executive Summary

In this document we present the technical platform for the CREDENTIAL homepage, the internal collaboration platform and the whole set of tools that support partners’ cooperation within the project, and the coordination with and dissemination to the public. The CREDENTIAL homepage has been set up from the beginning of the project and constitutes the main communication channel between the project consortium and the broad public audience, especially the research, industry and the end-users communities. For internal collaboration the CREDENTIAL consortium has decided to use the SharePoint platform for sharing files and communicating actions, Redmine for coordinating the use-case and requirement development, as well as GitLab as a central repository for developed implementations and documents. During the project’s lifetime, the homepage and the internal collaboration platform will be evaluated and updated according to the project’s needs.

Full Version

The full version of this deliverable can be downloaded here.