D6.1 Pilot Use Case Specification

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Executive Summary

The CREDENTIAL Wallet is a cloud service hosted set of security and application services. These services provide authentication and authorization mechanisms combined with novel cryptographic technologies like proxy-re-encryption1 and malleable signatures2. To showcase the functionality of the CREDENTIAL Wallet and to demonstrate how higher security and privacy levels can be achieved by the means of the CREDENTIAL Wallet, three different pilots in the domains of eGovernment, eHealth, and eBusiness are being developed. This document describes the execution plan of the pilots and defines quantitative and qualitative criteria to measure the success of each pilot. Furthermore, the document contains a detailed description of the technical use cases underlying the pilots, specified using UML sequence diagrams.

Slightly more explicit, each pilot will be executed according to a two-phase approach. The first phase will allow us to target early flaws and challenges, which will be addressed in a sanitization period between the two piloting phases. In the second phase, a more mature and more stable version of the pilots will be tested, potentially also offering a broader set of features to the users. Among others, this document details the execution of the two phases for the individual pilots, including practical aspects like the size and recruitment of user groups.

In particular, the results of the second phase will be used to evaluate the pilots’ success. To do so, this document defines expected results and measurable key performance indicators which will be monitored during the pilot execution.

Finally, the document refines the business and logical use cases from D2.1 “Use Cases & Scenarios” by describing the technical aspects of the integration between pilot specific technologies and CREDENTIAL Wallet services. Thus, technical use cases in form of UML sequence diagrams were designed for each pilot. The CREDENTIAL Wallet architecture was developed in parallel to the work in this document leading to the question how and which components of the CREDENTIAL Wallet architecture are used by each pilot. The interaction between CREDENTIAL Wallet services and pilot specific technologies are described accordingly.

The results of this document build the frame for the development and implementation of the pilots towards the start of the piloting phase. Thus, it makes clear which parts of the CREDENTIAL Wallet are used by each of the pilots. This gives a better understanding which functionality of the CREDENTIAL Wallet needs to be implemented and how to integrate them with pilot-specific technologies. The pilots have a clear understanding which key performance indicators to keep track of and how to take actions within the pilot in order to measure them.

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