Towards the Adoption of Secure Cloud Identity Services


Towards the Adoption of Secure Cloud Identity Services


Alexandros Kostopoulos (OTE), Evangelos Sfakianakis (OTE), Ioannis Chochliouros (OTE), John Sören Pettersson (KAU), Stephan Krenn (AIT), Welderufael Tesfay (GUF), Andrea Migliavacca (LISPA), and Felix Hörandner (TUG)


Enhancing trust among service providers and end-users with respect to data protection is an urgent matter in the growing information society. In response, CREDENTIAL proposes an innovative cloud-based service for storing, managing, and sharing of digital identity information and other highly critical personal data with a demonstrably higher level of security than other current solutions. CREDENTIAL enables end-to-end con€dentiality and authenticity as well as improved privacy in cloud-based identity management and data sharing scenarios. In this paper, besides clarifying the vision and use cases, we focus on the adoption of CREDENTIAL. Firstly, for adoption by providers, we elaborate on the functionality of CREDENTIAL, the services implementing these functions, and the physical architecture needed to deploy such services. Secondly, we investigate factors from related research that could be used to facilitate CREDENTIAL’s adoption and list key bene€ts as convincing arguments.


Workshop on Security, Privacy, and Identity Management in the Cloud (

Place and Date

Reggio Calabria, Italy. August 29 – September 2, 2017