D1.4 Year 1 management and progress report

Contributing Partners


Executive Summary 

CREDENTIAL is an innovation action scheduled for 3 years (36 month) in the domain of security and privacy for cloud computing. This report titled “D1.4 Year 1 management and progress report” gives an overview on the project’s progress and achievements in the M01–M09 period of the project (October 2015 – June 2016) and summarizes activities undertaken in the respective work packages.
The report is structured in the following way. After a short overview about the project in Section 1, we present the more specific operative goals for the reporting period M01-M09 in Section 2. In brief, the first project phase was dedicated to the development and specification of the use cases and the requirements gathering. The work progress and achievements during the reporting period are presented in Section 3.
After a brief progress summary, we present the detailed status per work package, including major
activities per task carried out during the first months of the project. During this period, we succeeded to define the three pilots to guarantee that the project results are implemented in meaningful real life scenarios. We designed multiple scenarios where the CREDENTIAL wallet will be integrated to increase the security and privacy of the services. A dedicated effort on requirements selection complemented the work with this regard. Moreover, we made an assessment on the basic cryptographic technologies, security protocols and authentication mechanisms, which are possible to be used within the project.
In Section 3 we continue with presenting the main dissemination and exploitation activities (WP7) done by the project partners. CREDENTIAL established a project identity, which is used throughout all activities by the consortium. The partners have already participated in many events rangin from all levels (national, European, international) and all target groups. We also established liaisons with other EU projects related to security or privacy for the cloud and we actively participate in the cluster for Data Protection, Security and Privacy (DPSP) in the Cloud bringing together 23 EU funded research projects.
Besides that, we established a user advisory board of renowned experts who are evaluating ongoing work on dedicated workshops. Furthermore, we started organizing our first standardization action plan to maximize project impact as well as our business and exploitation strategy.
Another topic in our work plan is the ethics management, where we have already contacted the Ethics Committee at Deggendorf Institute of Technology (Germany) and we have appointed an external ethics advisor.
The project management (WP1) is covered in Section 4. It describes the tools and processes established to execute the proposed work plan. The main achievement of this WP is having the project on track, by keeping the project schedule on time and within budget, providing technical assistance, executing administration of the contracts and project financial management, liaise between the EC and the consortium partners, and by facilitating user’s involvement through the establishment of the user advisory board. In this section, we also present an estimate of the effort spent per partner and per WP.
In summary, CREDENTIAL is making considerable progress and is on time and within the planned budget.