D7.8 Communication and Dissemination Activity Report 1

Contributing Partners


Executive Summary 

In this document we present the dissemination and communication plan of the CREDENTIAL project. Dissemination and communication of project results is essential for CREDENTIAL and it is the mission of the project that all results will be widely communicated and disseminated to relevant parties.
In the introduction the scope, the relation to other deliverables and the structure of the document, and can be found.
This deliverable is prepared within Tasks T7.3 “Liaison and standardization activities”, T7.5 “External project communication” and T7.6 “Dissemination of foreground knowledge”. Firstly, we present the communication and dissemination objectives and the target audience as well as the means to achieve these objectives in relation to the target audience. Then we introduce our communication strategy by presenting the project’s identity and communication material as well as the project’s presence on the Internet and the means to achieve our communication goals in detail. Afterwards, we present the scientific dissemination plan by mentioning the possible conferences, workshops and summer schools, where the project partners will be present during the course of the project, the scientific journal and magazines we will target, and the
exhibitions and industry events, which fit to the project’s topic. Moreover, we present the establishment of and the idea behind the User Advisory Board and the cooperation with other EU, national, and international projects relative to CREDENTIAL.
Except for the dissemination and communication strategy in this deliverable, we are giving a short overview about the exploitation strategy by presenting the types of exploitation activities that have been scheduled as well as the possible exploitable items we have identified so far. Moreover, we are presenting shortly our standardization strategy and our contact points to the different standardization bodies. We do not explain these two strategies in detail since there are dedicated deliverables on these topics planned for later in the project.
Finally, we report all the communication and dissemination activities carried out by the CREDENTIAL partners during the first year of the project. We identify the events we organized and took part in and the audience we met, and analyze the feedback we got during the presentations and discussions we had with them.
All the above plans have been designed in order to communicate to the project’s target audience in the beginning the objectives and ambition of CREDENTIAL and later on the findings and outcomes. The project’s target audience constitute of the research community and the industry and the wider audience beyond academically and commercially interested stakeholders. All these strategies will be estimated and refined during project’s lifespan in order to meet the project’s objectives and needs.