D6.5 – Test and Evaluation Report of Pilot Domain 2 (eHealth)

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Executive Summary

The eHealth pilot is one of the domain-specific applications developed to showcase functionalities offered by CREDENTIAL Wallet, providing authentication and authorization mechanism combined with novel cryptographic technologies, like proxy re-encryption. This document describes how the pilot testing has been carried out for both the patient and the doctors app.
The pilot has been run in two phases (March/April and June 2018), involving “internal” and “external” tests, in order to cover both technical and functional aspects. Several users’ feedback emerged during the first piloting phase have been properly addressed and developed, leading to new functionalities evaluated during the second piloting round, which generated the results to be used to evaluate pilots’ success. Exploitation activities, which can be performed after the project’s end, will benefit from CREDENTIAL’s strength and weakness analysis collected during the eHealth pilot evaluation.