D6.6 – Test and Evaluation Report of Pilot Domain 3 (eBusiness)

Contributing Partners


Executive Summary

The e-Business pilot integrates CREDENTIAL components and services to showcase the technologies of proxy re-encryption and redactable signatures developed among the project partners. In particular, it integrates the authentication and authorization flows offered by the Wallet service and it uses the crypto libraries developed within this project to manage re-encrypted data. The pilot consists of three use cases. Use cases 1 and 2 enhance the ICERT e-commerce platform Shop Digital with CREDENTIAL features by offering the possibility to authenticate on the CREDENTIAL Wallet in order to log in and then to retrieve data from the Wallet to fill a registration form. Use case 3 integrates crypto libraries to perform an encrypted email forwarding using a mobile application.
The pilot has been tested in two phases. Internal users have been involved in March for the first piloting phase and two different pools of testers have been recruited for the second phase: young university students in April and experienced professionals in June with mixed habits and familiarity with technology.
This deliverable illustrates the pilot content, it provides details on the technologies used and lists the functional requirements that had to be met. It goes into detail about the pilot execution and validation phases to finally provide the feedbacks collected from the users, which helped the pilot to improve from one round to another and which give an overall overview.