D7.11 Communication and Dissemination Activity Report 3

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Executive Summary

Dissemination and communication of project results is essential for CREDENTIAL and it is the mission of the project that all results will be widely communicated and disseminated to the target audience. This deliverable is prepared within tasks T7.3 “Liaison and standardization activities”, T7.5 “External project communication” and T7.6 “Dissemination of foreground knowledge”.  

In this document, we present the dissemination and communication activities of the CREDENTIAL project carried out within the third project year, following the strategy designed at the beginning of the project and described in D7.9 “Communication and dissemination report 2” and we also provide a detailed list of all activities performed within this year. Among the many communication and dissemination activities, we would like to highlight our successful web presence by maintaining an active twitter account and an active project website, which we regularly update. Moreover, during the third year we had a pronounced presence in several scientific and industry events such as the Project Clustering Workshop in Athens, the IFIP Summer School in Vienna and the ARES 2018 in Hamburg.  

In the introduction the scope, the relation to other deliverables and the structure of the document can be found.