D8.1 POPD – Requirement No. 4 and D8.2 POPD – Requirement No. 8

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Executive Summary 

In this document we deal with the ethics requirements of the CREDENTIAL project and specifically with the requirement No.4 (“Copies of approvals for the collection of personal data by the competent University Data Protection Officer/National Data Protection authority must be submitted to the EU by the end of month 6“) and No. 8 (“In case of data not publicly available, relevant authorizations must be provided by the end of month 6”).
Firstly we give an overview of the three CREDENTIAL pilots in the domains of eGovernment, eHealth, and eBusiness where it is possible that personal data will be used and we describe the requirements elicitation process.
However, we decided that during the course of the project we will not use any real data but instead we will use synthetic (fictional) data. During the usability studies human participants will be involved where the participation will be volunteering, the participants will sign consent forms, they will be able to remove their participation any time and no personally identifying data would be collected. The same principles concern the requirements elicitation. For these reasons, ethical approvals are not required.